Accessing the admin interface

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In order to access the admin interface, you must:

  1. Log in as an admin/superuser into your Nexus server from the home page. The default nexus user that comes initially is an admin by itself.

  1. Then, go to Information -> User administration.

As a result, you will see the following page. The UI may vary a bit depending on which version of Nexus you're running:

Adding/changing a group and assigning/removing permissions:

Note: Nexus by default comes with nexus group that the nexus user will be a part of.

  1. Click the add button as shown in the screenshot above, next to 'Groups'.

  1. Add a name. You may also choose some global permissions. Double clicking will move the permission to the 'Chosen permissions' box. You can also select multiple permissions and use the arrows at the center to move them back and forth. Click 'Save' if you're done, 'Save and continue editing' if you want to continue editing, or 'Save and add another' if you want to save and then add another group.
  2. Instead of clicking the 'Add' button as in Step 1, you may click 'Change' if you want to go ahead and change an existing group instead. This will bring you to a list of existing groups you can change.

  1. Click on the nexus group. This will take you to a similar form as in Step 1. This is the 'Change group' form.

  1. You may edit, assign global permissions and save, or delete it.