Editing categories through the item detail page

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The item detail page shows metadata that includes attributes of an item and also its contents, all in one page. In addition, the detail page also lets you edit and save, delete or share an item.

Edit/Delete operations are self-explanatory so we will only see an overview of them in this tutorial.

There are multiple ways to get to this page:

After you click on an option, run a search and then click on any item's name in the returned list.

Another way of getting to the detail page is by clicking on the filename in the notification that you may see after you upload an item, like we saw in the previous tutorial. 

  1. Once you are in the item detail page, you will see a list of metadata and then the item's actual content that was saved during the upload. Included in this metadata is the set of categories that have been assigned to an item. We will see how to change these, should you have to.

  1. Only some fields are clickable and editable. You may click on any attribute's value, for example, Name, edit it and then click Save
  2. Our goal in this tutorial is to see how to edit categories. As shown in the screenshot above, click Edit next to the Categories attribute. This will open up a modal dialog, which will display a list of categories.

Note that in this list, similar to other category lists you have seen, you will only see categories you own, i.e those categories that any of your groups have 'own' permissions on. The only exception to this is the superuser who has unrestricted access.

  1. Once you've selected the categories, click Set. Note that this won't actually save the item and only temporarily changes the category set. To save it, you have to click the Save button at the top. You will see a notification describing the result of this operation.