Access Control Lists (ACLs)

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What are Access Control Lists?

Access Control Lists, or ACLs, are a feature that was introduced in 2020 R2. It is an extra layer of authentication in Nexus. ACLs gives users the ability to organize themselves into groups and assign specific permissions to each group. Access to an object through a user-group is controlled by these predefined list of permissions.

Only data items are supported for now and support for other objects (Templates, Datasets, etc) will be rolled out incrementally in future updates.

User Groups

ACLs allows users to organize themselves into various groups that specify different levels of access for each group.

Multiple Permissions

A variety of predefined permissions are available for fine-grained control of objects.

Data Categorization

ACLs allows data objects to be grouped into as many categories as you want, with each category linked to user-groups through a variety of permissions.

Data Privacy

The access on an object through a user-group is controlled by multiple permissions. With the help of these permissions, data privacy can be consistently maintained across objects that users upload in the database.