Adding/changing a user and assigning/removing groups

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Note: Nexus by default comes with the nexus user.

  1. Click the add button as shown in the screenshot above, next to 'Users'. You will see a form similar to creation of groups mentioned above.

  1. Add a username and password. Click 'Save' if you're done, 'Save and continue editing' if you want to continue editing, or 'Save and add another' if you want to save and then add another group.
  2. Clicking on 'Save and continue editing' will take you to a 'Change user' form where you can continue creating or edit the created user. This is the same form that comes up when you choose to click the 'Change' button in the initial admin page and then select from the list of users(Similar to step 3 under Adding/changing a group and assigning/removing permissions). 
  3. In this page, you may:
    1. Edit the first name, last name, email address and login information.
    2. Change permissions information.
      1. The active checkbox is used to activate/disable a user account.
      2. The staff status box sets if the user is a staff or not.(not required currently for our use cases)
      3. The superuser box gives elevated privileges to make the user an admin.
      4. You may also assign/remove groups from/to the user, which will make use of ACLs.

  1. You may then save or delete the user from this page, if you'd like.