Assigning categories during upload

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The item upload page in the Nexus web GUI now allows setting categories as well during upload.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Applications -> Upload files into data items.

  1. You will see the item upload page. Click Browse and choose something to upload. Supported file formats are displayed on the right.

  1. Under 'Data Item Details', you will see a drop-down with a list of categories. Note that in this list, similar to other category lists you have seen, you will only see categories you own, i.e those categories that any of your groups have 'own' permissions on. The only exception to this is the superuser who has unrestricted access.

  1. Now choose categories as you wish, and then click the Upload button. You will see a notification if the upload was successful.

  1. Clicking on the filename in the notification will direct you to the uploaded item's detail page. Here, you can see the categories we set during upload show up as an attribute of the item.

You can also edit categories after uploading. We will explore this in the next tutorial.