Bulk-assigning/removing categories to/from items

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This interface can be used to assign/remove categories to/from multiple items at once.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Query -> Assign categories to selected report items.

  1. Set the query for appropriate list of items you want to change.

  1. When you hit 'Run Query', you will then see the results of your search.

  1. You will see a drop-down list when you click on Categories. Select as many as you want. Select the items you want to assign the selected categories to. 

Note that you will only see categories you own, i.e those categories that any of your groups have 'own' permissions on. The only exception to this is the superuser who has unrestricted access.

  1. Then click 'Assign to selected...' and then 'Continue'.

  1. You will then see the Categories column update, as a result, showing the categories you chose.

  1. Now let us remove the assigned category from one of the item. Hit 'Reset Selection' to start fresh. This should reset the previous selection.
  2. Click the 'Categories' drop-down. But this time, remove the selection by clicking 'Deselect All'. 
  3. Now, your category selection is an empty set. Lets remove the category from the first item by assigning this empty set to the item's category set. Assigning an empty set of categories will effectively remove all categories the item(s) were previously assigned.

  1. Read the prompt, click Continue. The item list will be subsequently updated.