The item detail page, in addition to displaying item data, also lets you edit and save, delete or share an item.

You may want to look at the previous tutorial to see how to get to the detail page of an item.

Item Sharing:
  • Item sharing is a feature that is a part of the ACLs infrastructure.
  • It lets you share an item to another person who may not have access to that item.
  • The shared item is only temporarily accessible through the shared URL, for a period of one week.
  • The shared URL only provides temporary viewing permissions, nothing else. This means any viewing permission checks as a part of the ACLs infrastructure are skipped if a shared URL is used, until the URL expires.
  • Any logged-in user with the URL can view the item.
  • You may need this option to share an item with a colleague temporarily without the need for permanently changing any permissions on the item or its category.
  • 2020 R2 is an initial release of this feature and it will be made more configurable in future.

  1. From the item detail page of any item, click the Share... button.

  1. You will see a modal dialog that contains the URL to be shared. Clicking on Copy Link will copy the URL to the clipboard. You will see a notification.

  1. You may then share the URL with any person to whom you'd like to temporarily grant view access. Any logged-in user with the link can view the contents. The link will expire in one week. After that, you will have to go to the item detail page and click Share... again to get a newly generated URL.