Known issues & limitations

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Internet Explorer support

The Nexus web application does not support IE.

Apple Safari Browser

In a local installation of Nexus, movies/animations/videos(mp4) are broken and will not play in Safari as of 2023 R1. Remote deployments however do not have this problem.

EnSight & Template Editor

Logging in and out of the Nexus web interface when embedded inside the Nexus Template Editor or EnSight is not supported. Please disconnect from the server using the 'File' menu and reconnect with the new credentials if you would like to switch users.

UNC Paths

Nexus launched from a UNC location is not supported as of 2023 R1.

Network Delay Nexus Session Limitations

Integrated operation of Nexus with EnSight and EnVision is reliant upon high performance network connections between the components,  display environments (i.e. frames in a browser) and distribution installation location (e.g., network filesystem installs). There are a variety of implied timeouts within and between these components which can disrupt successful launching of these applications within specific environments.

In extended environment testing, some Nexus configurations involving slower VMs and the Firefox web browser have been observed running into problems displaying remote, embedded EnVision sessions. In such cases, switching to browsers with longer default web acknowledgment timeouts (e.g. Chrome) or using higher performance VMs can help.  Likewise, problems have been observed when running Nexus from software installations on remote (e.g. NFS) filesystems with slower I/O response or limited remote file locking mechanisms. In these cases, moving the Nexus database and/or the software installation to local disk storage can avoid excessive operational timeouts.