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An ENS_STATE object stores a collection of object references and their attributes.  A state object can be thought of as a "mini-context" file.  It lacks the ability to create new objects, but it records most of the visual attributes for a collection of existing objects.  It allows one to store and recall the visual state of an EnSight session. A state can be saved to disk and reloaded.

There is a "root" ENS_STATE object that cannot be destroyed.  It serves as the parent of all of the other ENS_STATE objects and does not actually store a visual "state". It can be referenced as: ensight.objs.core.STATES[0].  Its CHILDREN are the captured states.

An ENS_STATE can contain a collection of ENS_SOURCE objects.  Each ENS_SOURCE object defines how to capture a report data item (image, movie, plot, geometry, etc). The collection of ENS_STATE objects can be used (with their ENS_SOURCE children) to define a Nexus report.


state_obj.add_source('Image source',uuid='87720db4-a08c-11e8-8376-6763cf9f766b',extension_name='image_source')


"ensight.objs.core.STATES[0].CHILDREN['New state'][0]"