Template Tool Help

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Template Tool Help

NOTE: this UDT is available only up to EnSight 2019 R2. It has been removed in EnSight 2019 R3 and newer releases.

Everything you need to begin writing your tool!

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Read this portion thoroughly.

When completed, your tool will show up in the user defined tools, will pop up a GUI and prompt for user input, will have a help button for usage instructions, it will leave behind command language when run interactively, and use that command language when re-run from the command language.  Further, it will be registered for a time callback so the time callback routine will be called if you update time.

Class template_tool(tool_extension) has an 

    1. init that sets up the tool text, description, tool tip, icon, help button (pointing here) and does a clear.

    2. run that is called when the tool icon is double clicked

        a. registers a time callback (to be called when time is updated)

        b. asks for input by popping up a GUI and populates params

        c. calls an execution routine, exec_routines_here( params )

        d. writes out command language if the execution routine is successful

    3. cmdExec that is called when the tool extension encouters command language calling it

        a. parses the commands into params

        b. calls the execution routine exec_routines_here( params)

        c. clears the command params

This tool is available in EnSight for you to use as a template tool.