Message of the day#

Often there is some reason you would like to inform Ansys Dynamic Reporting users of recent or upcoming changes to an ADR Nexus server. Normally this is done through a "message of the day" system. In Ansys Dynamic Reporting, there is one reserved report name. If you create a report template and give it the name "__motd__" (two underscores motd and two more underscores), that report template will be rendered in the 'Ansys Dynamic Reporting' banner, right after the 'Learn more' button. This report will not be available to a user through the Reports menu.

One can have multiple __motd__ reports and they will all be displayed. Note, these reports do not have items selected before-hand so if they want to display data item content, they will need to use the filter options to start a new query directly from the database.


The following front page was generated with a pair of __motd__ reports:


The two __motd__ named reports were configured like this:

Image image1

Notice the one on the left does a filter for Tree items using the Database (replace) mode to bring data items in the the report.