Data Items#

A data item is a simple piece of information stored in the data payload of the item and the associated metadata. The data payload can be one of these types:

  • Animation: Video in an mp4 movie file

  • File: A generic file

  • HTML: Raw HTML source (in a <div> block)

  • Image: A PNG image

  • None: An empty item (no data payload) that can be use for tagging or other metadata purposes

  • Scene: A scene of 3D geometry

  • String: A UTF-8 string

  • Table: 2D array of doubles with row/column headers. Can be displayed as a table or a plot (line, bar, pie, ...)

  • Tree: A collection of name/value pairs organized as a tree

All data items know how to generate the HTML snippets necessary to display themselves when asked. See individual items for their display details.

Common Data Item Metadata#

In addition to the data payload, all data items include a common collection of metadata attributes. These include:

  • The session Item describes the application that stored the data item

    • hostname (50 characters)

    • session tags (No limit)

    • application name (40 characters)

    • date/time

    • platform (50 characters)

    • version (20 characters)

  • The dataset item describes the data source of the item

    • filename (250 characters)

    • directory name (250 characters)

    • data format (50 characters)

    • dataset tags (No limit)

  • Date/Time

  • Specific item tags (No limit)

  • The name of the source of the item (80 characters)

  • A sequence number (for sorting, etc)

  • The name of the data item (80 characters)