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What's new?

Ansys 2020 R1 release: Python template API, Python 3, Unicode support, table enhancements

Ansys 2020 R1 contains a number of new or improved features for Nexus:

  1. There is a new SQL Query Generator. This generator allows you to submit an SQL query to an external database and receive the results as a table that can be rendered or further processed in Nexus.
  2. Nexus reports can contain embedded, interactive EnSight and EnVision sessions. A little complex to set up right now, we are expecting to make it easier to deploy soon. Contact us if you want to try it out now.
  3. Tables can now be interactively filtered and searched directly in a report.
  4. Nexus supports the Ansys AVZ format for interactive 3D display.
  5. There is a new Python API for creating, managing, and editing templates. This includes a feature in the Template Editor to explore a template as Python code.
  6. Nexus is now entirely Python 3 compliant. This includes native support for Unicode text. Python 2 clients (2019 R3 and earlier) can still connect to a Python 3 2020 R3 Nexus server.
  7. Templates can now "soft-link" other templates to use them like subroutines.
  8. Tables support per-column alignment formatting.

Ansys EnSight 2019 R2 release: States and Sources

With the release of Ansys EnSight 2019 R2, a more powerful level of integration with the EnSight application was added.  EnSight added a system called "States" that are effectively limited (but faster) context files.  A collection of Nexus source objects can be associated with each state.  A source object provides the ability to capture some aspect of the EnSight session into a Nexus server. This can include things like plots, images, animations, etc.  By staging and ordering a collection of states and sources, a simple report can be generated and captured into a Nexus database for later review, editing, etc.  The HowTo examples have been updated to demonstrate this capability.  States and Sources have been included in the EnSight core documentation and programming details are included online.