Ansys Installation and Licensing#

Ansys Installation#

Most users will access Ansys Dynamic Reporting through their standard Ansys unified installer. By default, Ansys Dynamic Reporting is included in both the EnSight and Fluent installations, or it can be installed as a stand-alone package. Under the Ansys installation directory v242, you will find the Ansys Dynamic Reporting tool launchers and scripts in v242/CEI/bin. For example, in a typical installation, the ADR server Launcher is C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v242\CEI\bin\adr_launcher.bat on Windows and is /ansys_inc/v242/CEI/bin/adr_launcher on Linux.

Ansys Dynamic Reporting Licensing#

Using the Ansys Dynamic Reporting tools, including launching and maintaining Nexus servers, requires no additional licensing from Ansys. In years past, running a remote ADR server required separate licensing. That has not been the case since 2020 R1.

Example Ansys Dynamic Reporting Database#

A database that contains all of the data and reports used when generating this documentation is included in the distribution. The database and associated media directory are included in the file: v242\CEI\nexus242\examples\documentation_database\ To use the database, extract the contents of the .zip file into an empty directory and use the adr_template_editor to launch a new ADR server using the extracted bd.sqlite3 file as the source.