Data Item: Image#

This data item contains a 2D image. Internally, all images are stored in PNG format. Metadata tags are inserted into the files that include the GUID of the data item object. Thus, even if the image is exported from Ansys Dynamic Reporting, it is possible to determine the original source of the imagery.


Note: various web portal configurations (NGINX/Apache) may put limits on the size of the images that can be uploaded. Generally, images of several hundred MB are allowed, provided that the maximum size of a REST request allows them.

Display options#

These items are displayed in the report, in-line with other data items as an image. There are properties that allow the output display width and height in pixels. The browser is responsible for scaling the imagery. The 'image_link' property can be used to make the image responsive to user mouse clicks. Mouse clicks can be configured to display the image at full resolution outside of the context of the report. This can be in the same browser tab the report is displayed in or a new browser tab. The image can also be a link to the data item details web page.





height of the image in pixels





image is not clickable (the default)


click on the image to go to a page with only the image


click on the image to open the image in a new tab


click on the image to open the image data item details page in a new tab


width of the image in pixels