Data Item: File#

The file data item allows for the upload and download of generic files to the Ansys Dynamic Reporting data storage system. Ansys Dynamic Reporting makes no attempt to look into the uploaded files.

Note: various web portal configurations (NGINX/Apache) may put limits on the size of the files that can be uploaded. Generally, files of several hundred MB are allowed, provided that the maximum size of a REST request allows them.

Display options#

This item payload is not displayed. The item itself appears as a link in the report which allows the file to be downloaded through the browser.


No properties apply specifically to File items.

3D File Format Support#

The File Item is aware of specific 3D file formats and can display them using the same proxy image/3D viewer mechanism used with Scene Items. See the Scene Item documentation for specific file format support.

In addition to the Scene Item 3D file formats, the FIle Item is also able to display EnVision Scenario files (.evsn) files using the embedded EnVision viewer, subject to the same prerequisites outlined in the Scene Item section.